The New Rocker Pedal

We proudly announce our brand-new product made by Indemar Industriale: rocker pedal!

Thanks to our engineers, our rocker pedal could manage different types of hydraulic distributors for back-and-forth function, cabin rotation and moving up and down the blade.

The rocker pedal is available in two versions, single or double, depending on customer’s needs.
Both versions are ultracompact and heavy-duty, they have been designed for those applications in which thespace, inside the cabin, is reduced as in the mini skid-steer.

Single rocker pedal is generally used for moving bucket reach or o activate a pump.

Double rocker pedal is used for moving excavators’s crawlers.

We can manufacture customized pedal plate following customers’s requests. Both versions could be matched with levers to facilitate operations in any condition.

–> Learn more aboout the pedals <–

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