You just have to test us

The challenge has been launched: many will take it up, but the ultimate goal is only one, to win it.

Indemar Industriale S.p.A. is among few companies that can boast of having completed a project born with the most ambitious assumptions: 

– Innovative versatility
– Efficiency
– Reliability

Simplicity and technology contained in a single product, at the forefront of technique and sober in design.

(the joystick shown is the exclusive property of Ålö)

Mechanical precision and refined electronics, enclosed in this joystick, the result of the partnership with Ålö, an international leader in front loaders.
Subjected to the most stringent environmental, electromagnetic, vibration and IP grade tests, carried out both within our laboratory and in external facilities, to certify its objective qualitative superiority.

And now, you just have to test us…

edited by Fabio Coppola