One life, one team

Our team focuses on the differences of each one to increase creativity, innovation and productivity, by training each individual component in a targeted manner, in order to make them aware of their potential, further increasing work performance.

Such an amalgamated context increases dynamism, allowing Indemar Industriale to react promptly to the stimuli of a market with ever higher standards.

Today we want to introduce you to one of our collaborators, Giovanni D’Ambros, the warehouseman chief.

38 years old, Informatics expert, after taking his first steps in the metalworker world, in 2006 he joined Indemar Industriale S.p.A.

Strengthened by his strong propensity for order and organization, after a period of coaching, he is entrusted with the management of the warehouse, a department notoriously under pressure, which he has been able to structure effectively over the years; his typical “consider it done” synthetically encapsulates the solidity of this key department.

edited by Fabio Coppola

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