Waiting for Eima 2021

We are in the mid-90s, the industrial division has recently seen the light, enthusiasm and ferment saturate a young and dynamic environment.

Cables are the core of the business, but why limit yourself to that? Try the way of the controls, identify yourself in the cabin and not just in the engine compartment.

The first prototypes, simple but robust and functional, the consent of customers who believed in us, the start of production and constant renewal, to create more functional, more efficient handles.

Today it’s time for the next step, to make what was previously only a work tool appealing.

From 19 to 23 October 2021 we are waiting for you at the EIMA international fair in Bologna, to make you participate in these and other new solutions, because describing them in words does not give due credit to our work.

edited by Fabio Coppola

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