When winter gets harsh…

We are used to imagining the tractor operating in open fields, vineyards, orchards, farms, steep and irregular terrain, but agricultural vehicles are also indispensable allies for urban activities including the clearing of snow from the roads, which has become a necessity above all in regions where winter is characterized by harsh climatic conditions.

Manufacturers such as John Deere, Argo Tractors and BobCat rely on the construction quality of Indemar Industriale joysticks, levers and cables because, before being put into production, they are subjected to a whole series of tests, including:

  • Duration: we carry out a validation test for each new project by subjecting the product to cyclical tests. All specifications are agreed with the customers and according to the relevant ISOs, to deliver a 100% validated product.
  • Environmental tests: thanks to the climatic chamber of our internal laboratory, we verify that the products can withstand atmospheric agents over time, subjecting them to thermal cycles ranging on average from -40°C to +80°C and with relative humidity (variable or constant ) up to 99% .
  • Vibration tests: On most of our products, upon specific request from our customers, we carry out vibration tests, certifying them according to the European regulations in force and according to the type of machine.
  • U.V.A.: Thanks to the collaboration with many external bodies, at the specific request of our customers, we can carry out tests on our products with UVA rays to guarantee a satisfactory duration over time.
  • Electromagnetics: As part of the evolution of the product range, we have focused on electronic innovation: we carry out electromagnetism tests on our new products to guarantee full functionality and safety for the operator.
  • IP protection: In order to guarantee different levels of use, at the specific request of our customers, we apply water and dust protection tests to our products. We are able to provide products that meet a high degree of protection.

Knowing and sharing the needs of customers has allowed us, over the years, to grow and grow by offering customized solutions capable of enhancing the core business of the companies with which we collaborate.

Edited by Fabio Coppola