One for all, all for one

Driven by the automotive sector, 100% electric, mild hybrid and full hybrid engines are making their way to the agricultural vehicle sector: increasingly stricted anti-pollution regulations redefine the design and objectives of vehicles belonging to the world of earthmoving vehicles, which today are increasingly greener and sustainable.

Different approaches for different applications: full electric motors are ideal in closed spaces or in urban areas, although the big limitation currently is represented by the capacity of the batteries, often not able, with a single charge, to complete the job: the Kreisel batteries, produced by the Austrian manufacturer of the same name controlled by John Deere and presented at Conexpo 2023 with powers up to 500 kW give a good idea of ​​how much the future is upon us, but today hybridization, especially on medium-range vehicles it is the perfect compromise.

The silent power of the additional electric units, capable of working in series or in parallel with the current small and efficient diesel engines, gradually integrated, will be able to convince even the oldest traditional farmers, thanks to performance and reliability, strengths of every vehicle work of today and tomorrow.

Edited by Fabio Coppola