Leader in Sustainability and Environmental Management

sostenibilità ambientale Indemar Industriale

Indemar Industriale is an exemplar of commitment to sustainability, as demonstrated by its achievement of ISO 14001:2015 certification. This certification recognizes the effectiveness of Indemar’s environmental management system, confirming its adherence to international standards for minimizing environmental impact. Adopting these protocols underscores Indemar’s ongoing commitment to monitoring and improving its environmental performance.

Additionally, Indemar complies with REACH and RoHS regulations, which govern the use of chemicals and the use of hazardous materials in electrical and electronic equipment. These policies ensure that Indemar’s products are not only environmentally friendly but also safe for human health, significantly reducing the use of harmful substances.

Indemar Industriale has also published its Sustainability Report, a document that details the company’s commitment to combating climate change and adopting sustainable practices. The report outlines initiatives for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, enhancing energy efficiency, and managing waste and water resources, highlighting Indemar’s active role in promoting a greener future.

Indemar’s waste management strategies include advanced recycling and responsible disposal practices that minimize the environmental impact of its production operations. Sustainable water resource management, aimed at reducing consumption and improving water quality, represents another crucial aspect of the company’s environmental policies.

These actions confirm that Indemar Industriale not only complies with current regulations but is also actively committed to fostering sustainable development, placing the environment at the heart of its business strategy.

Edited by Fabio Coppola