Quality policy

The primary objective of INDEMAR INDUSTRIALE S.p.Ais to provide its customers with high quality products and services;in order to achieve this milestone, the Company’s commitment is aimed at:

  • Satisfy the customer’s requests
  • Develop and keep the Quality Management System updated in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard
  • Preventing defects (risk analysis on the process)
  • Continuously improve processes and products
  • Involve employees in continuous improvement
  • Develop activities aimed at continuous improvement in quality, costs and technology
  • Reduce internal and external waste, customer complaints and costs of “Non-Quality”
  • Develop and maintain safety in the workplace and respect the environment

The pursuit of this Quality Policy represents thefundamental element of the development plan of INDEMAR INDUSTRIALE S.p.A.