The company and its mission

Indemar Industriale S.p.A. was founded in 1993 as part of the INDEMAR Group with the aim of supplying remote control systems for the agricultural, earth moving and automotive machinery markets.
Indemar Industriale S.p.A.’s corporate mission is to provide a global service with high standards of quality and safety, applying principles of effectiveness and efficiency in the performance of its activities. The company also pursues the continuous improvement of its organisation, its human resources, the quality of its relations with customers and third parties, as well as the management of all company processes.

Ethical approach to business

Indemar Industriale S.p.A. believes that the pursuit of its corporate mission cannot absolutely disregard compliance with laws and public regulations, as well as the principles of loyalty, fairness, honesty, integrity and good faith.

In the conduct of business activities, in fact, unethical behaviour compromises the relationship of trust between the company and its stakeholders and favours the assumption of prejudiced attitudes and the establishment of a tense and hostile climate towards the company.  Indemar Industriale S.p.A. is convinced that reputation and credibility represent fundamental company resources. It aspires, therefore, to maintain and develop positive ethical relationships with its stakeholders who are primarily customers, suppliers, public authorities, employees, collaborators, shareholders and those who make investments related to the company’s activities and business partners.

Purpose of the code of ethics

The company, in view of the above and also with the intention of complying with the requirements of Legislative Decree 231/2001, has considered it appropriate to set itself some rules on the respect of ethical principles and conduct based on the utmost fairness both in internal relations with staff and in external relations with third parties and that, more generally, characterize the conduct of company business. Therefore Indemar Industriale S.p.A. intends, on the basis of this code of ethics, to issue all those internal rules which, as well as fostering trust in the company, promote the prevention of corruption at all levels. These principles are contained in this Code which the company requires compliance with by all those who work for it.

Scope of application

The code of ethics applies to and guides the conduct of all the company’s human components, and is therefore binding on the conduct of the company’s directors, employees and collaborators, both internally and externally.


General principles

The code of ethics sets out the general principles governing the company’s activities. These principles inspire the operations, behaviours and relationships both inside and outside the company. All persons concerned are obliged to apply the rules and principles contained in the code of ethics, addressing their superiors or the Company’s Management if they need clarification on how to apply them. They must also promptly report to their superiors or to the Company’s Management any information concerning possible violations of the rules and principles of this code. Indemar Industriale S.p.A. protects the authors of the reports against any form of retaliation and keeps their identity confidential, without prejudice to the obligations of the law.


Principles of the code of ethics of Indemar Industriale S.p.A. :

1. Honesty and legality

Indemar Industriale S.p.A. has as an essential principle the respect for laws and regulations in general. Requests aimed at inducing directors, employees and external collaborators to violate the law and this code of ethics will not be tolerated.

2. Respect for the person

Indemar Industriale S.p.A. is committed to respecting the rights and the physical and moral integrity of the people it deals with. The centrality of the person is expressed in particular through the enhancement of its collaborators (whether they are employees or linked by another employment relationship), the attention paid to the needs and demands of customers, the protection and transparency towards shareholders, fairness and transparency to the outside and active participation, as far as possible, in the social life of the community. It also believes that relational capital is a resource on a par with financial capital, and therefore seeks, where possible, to implement behaviours in the field of Human Resources that go beyond mere compliance with the law.

3. Fairness and equal opportunities

In its relations with stakeholders, contacts with the community and the public administration, communications to shareholders, personnel management and work organization, selection and management of suppliers, the Company abstains from any discrimination on the basis of age, sex, state of health, race, nationality, political opinions and religion of its interlocutors. Indemar industriale S.p.A. protects equal opportunities in the selection of personnel, through assessments to verify the professional and personal profile, respecting the privacy and opinions of the candidate. The directors and managers of the organizational structures are required to ensure, in the management of employment relationships, respect for equal opportunities and to guarantee the absence of discrimination in the workplace.

4. Transparency and correctness of information

The company’s directors, employees and external collaborators undertake to provide truthful, complete, correct, adequate and timely information both outside and inside the company. Information shall be provided in a clear, simple manner, and shall not exceed the reasons for the requests.

5. Quality of activity

The company’s activities are primarily aimed at satisfying its employees and customers, who are considered the company’s primary assets. To this end, the directors, employees and collaborators of the company shall take into account the requests aimed at favouring the improvement of the quality and services offered by the company.

6. Criteria of conduct in the conduct of business

In their relations with third parties, the company’s directors, employees and external collaborators shall behave ethically, in compliance with the law, the principles of this code and internal regulations, and with the utmost fairness and integrity.

Fraudulent practices and conduct, acts of corruption, favouritism and, more generally, any conduct contrary to the law, sector regulations, internal regulations and the guidelines of this code of ethics are prohibited in commercial and promotional relations.

Such conduct is prohibited irrespective of the fact that it is carried out or attempted, directly or through third parties, to obtain personal advantages for others or for Indemar Industriale S.p.A. itself. The receipt of gifts by directors, employees and external collaborators, which can even only be interpreted as exceeding normal commercial practices or courtesy, or in any case aimed at acquiring favourable treatment for themselves or in the conduct of any activity connected with the company, is not allowed.

In particular, it is forbidden to give any form of gratuity to Italian or foreign officials or public service providers, or to their relatives, that may influence their independence of judgement or induce them to ensure any advantage for themselves, others or Indemar Industriale S.p.A.

The conduct of the company in the phases of procurement of general goods and services is based on the search for the maximum competitive advantage, on the concession of equal opportunities of collaboration for each supplier, on loyalty and impartiality of judgement.

The criteria for selecting suppliers are based on the assessment of quality levels, cost-effectiveness of services, reliability, respect for the environment and their social commitment.

7. Review and improvement

This code of ethics is a dynamic model subject, therefore, to changes and additions, in order to improve it and keep it over time in line with any corporate and social changes. The company therefore undertakes to periodically check this model, in order to verify its topicality and make any improvements.



edited by Fabio Coppola


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