Indemar Industriale’s organization ensures the product quality meant as full compliance with the project specifications, and production and control procedures capable of ensuring constant repeatability of performances.

Our push-pull cables are assembled on special machines that, after completing the cable manufacturing, perform a functional and safety test on 100% of the finished product.

When requested, after a new project is completed, Indemar Industriale provides the customer with all the PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) documentation, which includes DFMEA (Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) and PFMEA (Process Failure Modes and Effects Analysis).

For testing and validation of the products, Indemar Industriale uses various tests, including:


Life tests

For each new project Indemar Industriale carries out a validation test by submitting the product to life tests. The specification of the test, load and number of cycles, depends on the type of the product and application, and is decided in agreement with our customer. A final report is issued and sent to the customer.


Environmental tests (IP grade)

In order to simulate working conditions (temperature and humidity), one part of the life tests or all of them can be carried out in an ambient chamber. Normally our products can be used at temperatures ranging from -40° to +80°C. Further tests, e.g. salt spray, can be carried out on request.


Vibration resistance tests

On most of our products, according to the typical requirements of the applications, we perform vibration resistance tests. Specific tests can be carried out upon customer’s request.


UVA radiation tests

If requested by the customer, Indemar Industriale performs UVA resistance tests on our products, in order to ensure an adequate functional and aesthetical duration over time.


EMC - Electromagnetic compatibility tests

As part of the evolution of the product range, Indemar Industriale has introduced new electronic controls. These products undergo specific tests to ensure their total electromagnetic compatibility. Certifications are supplied upon request.


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