Environmental policy


The Management of Indemar Industriale S.p.a. intends to ensure that its activities cause, during their execution, the least damage to the environment, making the principles of environmental protection its own.
In order to best pursue these purposes, after having carried out an accurate initial environmental analysis of its organization, and having identified the environmental aspects that may derive from the performance of its directly managed activities, it defines its own Environmental Policy and for this purpose it undertakes to:

  • To implement and maintain an Environmental Management System (EMS) according to the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard.
  • To provide adequate resources, economic means and skills, to attribute powers and responsibilities in environmental matters and to define the procedures necessary for the correct and effective functioning of its Environmental Management System.
  • To ensure that its activities are conducted in the most rigorous respect, continued over time, of all the environmental regulations relevant to its field of action, as well as all the Regulations and all the Regulations concerning the protection of theenvironment, the health of their workers, the safety of the workplace.
  • To continuously improve its environmental efficiency, evaluating from time to time the economic feasibility of the best available technologies.
  • To keep under control the possible impacts on the environment of its activities, as well as its products and services, verifying and evaluating the possibility of continuous improvement of its processes in particular with respect to the possible direct and indirect environmental impacts of the same.

To this end, the following action points are adopted by the Organization:

1. Encourage the responsibilities of its employees at all levels towards the protection of the environment and to implement information and training programs for staff.

2. Ensure any requests for collaboration with local authorities.

3. Check the consumption of resources to study the possibility of a reduction in consumption due to losses, waste, anomalies.

4. Control the consumption of energy resources in order to study the possibilities of reducing consumption and or replacing sources with a greater impact with sources with a lower impact.

5. Improve waste management with particular attention to their separation and recovery objectives.

6. Disseminate Indemar Industriale’s Environmental Policy among significant suppliers and contractors, and favor those who implement their own environmental policies.

7. Communicate its Environmental Policy to all people who work in the organization or on its behalf,including contractors, establishing for them, when they find themselves operating within the organization, rules and procedures aimed at protecting the environment.

8. Draw up and apply procedures for environmental management both for normal conditions and for accidental conditions that may haveimpacts on the environment.

9. Make the information necessary to describe the effects on the environment of the activities managed and / or controlled carried out on its site available externally.