Ergonomic handles

Wide selection of ergonomic handles with electric switches for every need.


Multifunction ergonomic handles, available with 0 to 3 push-buttons plus a two-position switch.

Ergonomic handle with optional customized screen printing, available with 0 to 3 push-buttons.

Gearshift handle with optional customized screen printing, with 0 to 6 push-buttons
and with H and L letters on the side.

Ergonomic handle available with 0 to 7 front push-buttons, plus a rear one.

Cylindrical handle with 0, 1 or 2 push-buttons on the top.

A new product of total Indemar Industriale design and construction.
Available in different configurations:
Up to 9 buttons identifiable by specific colors + 1 front button, or with roller or rocker.
The dead man function is always available

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