Innovation: the key to making the environment and industry thrive

“Innovation is change, while sustainability is the goal. Being sustainable today means being able to use innovation to enable a better world.” Ernesto Ciorra, Director of Innovability of the Enel Group.

These words must make us reflect on how investments should be directed towards:
in sustainable infrastructures and scientific and technological research.
To stimulate economic growth and generate jobs, contribute to progress towards crucial environmental objectives, such as resource improvement and energy efficiency.
The basis of such efforts is technological progress.

Without technology and innovation, industrialization becomes an unattainable goal, and without industrialization, development is compromised. Goal 9 aims to build robust infrastructure, foster inclusive and sustainable industrialization and promote innovation.

In recent years, Italian society and entrepreneurship have acquired awareness of the need to innovate to initiate significant economic development. This requires simultaneously considering multiple factors such as technology, increasing productivity and reducing the consumption of natural resources. Current trends focus on innovation based on digital technologies, the transition towards a circular economy and the development of infrastructures suitable for the twenty-first century, where the environment will no longer be just the backdrop to the new idea of ​​progress.

Edited by Fabio Coppola